Welcome to our new Maple Blog!!

WMSPA has been in existence since January of 1965, and defined itself as being, “dedicated to improving the ability of our members to produce and market the finest Maple Syrup in North America.”

As such, we are very excited to introduce this incredible new way to communicate and learn from each other anytime, day or night – it’s called “blogging”, and it’s basically just a conversation in the form of back and forth “paragraphs” of sorts. We hope you will take time to explore and possibly even contribute content as we continue moving forward with fresh ideas that make efficient use of current technologies.

Here’s to the start of an amazing new state-wide resource that is sure to become a priceless & evolving collection of information about the ageless art of maple sugaring – an accomplishment we can ALL be proud of!

Best Regards,
Laurie Malchow
WMSPA Webmaster

11 comments on “Welcome to our new Maple Blog!!
  1. Bill C says:

    Just had some of Sue and Larry Pakiz’s medium amber. Sensational!!
    Bill and Jodi,
    Crystal Lake, IL.

  2. Steve Wedige says:

    When should we start tapping trees. Just want too know. Because we do it as neighbor thing to get everyone together. It’s a wonderful time of year to have fun and catch up after winter

  3. mrg says:

    Does anyone know about the exact grade of the former Haubrich Brothers Maple syrup ?
    It was thick dark amber but that’s all I know. I am looking for a similar replacement.
    Please reply to:

    • Michael N Haubrich says:

      It was… and still is for a select few… Grade A.
      Michael N Haubrich -Son of one of the Haubrich Brothers.

      • Michael N Haubrich says:

        Sorry… Grade A Dark Amber…. My niece is batching her own now as well as other family members. Uncle Shorty “Marvin” passed away a couple years ago and my father 3 decades ago. Marvin still bottled up until the day he died and his methods were passed along to just a few family members. I have several cases of both our Maple Syrup and Horseradish still…

      • Walter Hinchman says:

        Do you still have any of your uncle’s maple syrup? I purchased from him for many years, having it shipped to Colorado o Arizona, but finally ran out of the last large order a few years back. But one reason that I preferred it over all others was that it was not the heavy dark type but a lighter, medium color. Did he produce different grades, or was his Grade A just that much lighter? In any case, would appreciate knowing if you have any remaining, or any new production, and what the cost would be.

      • Alex cleven says:

        Michael is there any way to be put in touch with any family members still producing. Long time buyer until until the uncle passed. On the last 3 bottles my mother bought, always bought in cases, but NO OTHER SYRUP HAS EVER COMPARED. Acleven30@gmail.com if you can ^__^

  4. mike says:

    Hi to all members. We brought in 400 gallons of sap and made 6.25 gallons of syrup with about 175 of it. suar content was 1.5 starting out . I gues everyone had it low starting out because of all the snow/water. Later we had 3.0%. We shut down last weekend. Setup 90 bags near 3 lakes

  5. Feb 27th, Luck Wi 7pm Kickoff program for the 2014 season. What is new, what is old, and what are your neighbors doing in syrup. Free! Luck is in NW Wisconsin. Steve Anderson guest speaker.

  6. Larry Pakiz says:

    Ok! ! As a member, this is just what I want to see! I look forward to the improvements in our website to help us market our syrup.

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