International Grading System

The WMSPA not only follows the NEW International Grading System for Pure Maple Syrup, we helped write it. The new system brings 4-5 different systems into one easy to follow standard. The new system makes it easier for the maple syrup customer to understand what they are buying – no matter where in the world they shop. For retailers, it gives simple guidelines so you can easily choose the grades you’d like to carry.

All of your customer’s favorite grades are still available, but their names have changed to more accurately portray the flavor of the maple syrup which helps assure the integrity and consistency of pure maple syrup worldwide. But don’t worry, these grades still have the same flavors your customers know and love. Check out the chart below to see which names you should be looking for in your order guide:

New Maple Syrup Grading Standards implemented in 2015
New Maple Syrup Grading Standards Implemented in 2015