Please share & tell us how your Maple efforts are going so far by COMMENTING to this post…

We all look forward to hearing from each other!

11 comments on “Please share & tell us how your Maple efforts are going so far by COMMENTING to this post…
  1. Dave Cook says:

    Here in Grant County (way southwest Wisconsin) we are having days in the 50′ & 60’s and nights rarely freezing now. We are still getting good sap, but I don’t see that lasting much longer. Our season has been good, so far.

  2. We put out approximately 100 taps on Wednesday March 26th at our farm near Norrie WI. Several trees were providing a few drops of sap. Yesterday, April 1st we collected a little over 75 gallons of sap with some bags nearly overflowing. When the snow recedes a bit more we plan to tap another 50 trees. Next week looks like it will be perfect for producing sap.

  3. Shanda Hubertus says:

    North central Wisconsin along Hwy 29, I have a little over 100 taps out where I could get to them, and another 100+ to tap where the snow is too deep. Very little sap so far. Looking at the forecast, not sure if I should put the rest out. Advise from the more seasoned folks???

  4. March 29–dripping a very little. Put out a few more pails, but the snow is still too deep to get my Ford 2N into the woods. Today and tomorrow should drop the snow and I plan to tap more trees–they surely will start running soon! Last year I got most of my sap and syrup in the last 2 weeks of April. — 100 miles south of Superior WI along the St Croix River.

    • Jim Skelton says:

      I tapped 40 trees yesterday, and it is just showing some sign of beginning to run. The snow is deep in the woods, even the snowshoes sink in a foot or so. Rough going.
      Jim Skelton Oneida county, Three Lakes, WI..

  5. Brad Wildes says:

    Winter, Wi Have 3 taps out as attest. Next to nothing so far. Will tap the other 397 pails this week. First collection last year was 30 March. On track with that.

  6. Jeff says:

    This is my first attempt at tapping. I have 20 taps just north of Madison. I tapped March 7th with a promising forecast for the following week, that ended up being wrong. I haven’t got much more than a pint. I thought it would pick up last week with 3-4 days of nice 40’s/mid 20’s temps here, but nothing.

  7. Duane Greuel says:

    Located 3 miles north of Stevens Point. Sap began dripping slowly on scattered trees 3/16/2014. No dripping observed past three days.

  8. david says:

    Brookfield in SE WI. half gallon in bucket, but frozen this morning….

  9. Jim Skelton says:

    No, Nothing, No sap running at all.

  10. Location: NW Wisconsin along the St Croix River in Polk County (100 miles south of Superior). One test bucket out for 2 weeks and no sap yet. Plan to tap beginning late this week. 200 buckets, traditional setup. Too much snow to get around in the woods yet, and last two mornings below zero. Latest start I can remember in 60 years.

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