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WMSPA Membership Form  (1 page .pdf to print & postal mail to us)

Benefits of Membership in the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association:

  1. Subscription to the international maple production: The Maple Digest
  2. Subscription to our Association’s newsletter: Wisconsin Maple News
  3. Opportunity to purchase many printed materials, such as labels, signs and other maple promotional items, at discounted price
  4. Optional participation in various information exchanges, such as:

Tour groups
USDA Crop Reporting Surveys

  1. Opportunity to sell syrup to the Association, which in turn, sells packaged syrup at the Wisconsin State Fair. There, your Sugarbush is listed in a special handout for prospects to contact you directly for additional syrup products.
  2. Opportunity to attend any WMSPA sponsored workshops such as the Winter Maple Institutes.
  3. Indirect representation through the WMSPA at many promotional events sponsored by various state agencies, including the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.
  4. Direct representation to the North American Syrup Council (NAMSC), as well as the International Maple Sugar Institutes (IMSI), which deals with quality control, product research and development, and government regulations. (click HERE to view more information on our website about these 2 organizations)
  5. Invitation to Annual and Semi-annual meetings, where policy is discussed and set, for the good of the WMSPA.
  6. Representation through WMSPA, and direct involvement by WMSPA at the annual Wisconsin Maple Festival.

Since the founding, the WMSPA has represented many commercial and hobbyist sugar makers in Wisconsin. While we do not conduct actual inspections, we expect our members to conform to all State and Federal standards regarding the production and sale of maple products. We disseminate information to our members which helps them maintain strong quality control and we stand ready to assist them if problems arise. We also act as your representative to both State and Federal Government on specific legislative issues that affect the maple industry.

WMSPA Membership Form   (1 page .pdf to print & postal mail to us)