Educational Resources for Teachers

Thank you for your interest in exploring the wonder of Pure Maple Syrup with your students! Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association (WMSPA) is happy to offer this packet to support educators in bringing Pure Maple Syrup to the classroom. The WMSPA Teacher’s Packet Committee members Christine Anderson, Alison Anderson, and Theresa Baroun have worked many hours to put this resource together for you. Our goal is to provide lesson plans, powerpoint, online resources and activities in a format that are easy to use and grounded in Wisconsin State Standards. Feel free to share this resource among teachers and staff. The power-point is provided as a link on the WMSPA website if you need it as a USB please request from Theresa Baroun.
We have also added an option for a hands-on kit to accompany the enclosed lesson plans. To order your kit, contact Theresa Baroun (see below).
Hands-On Kit includes:
1 -7/16 tree tapping bit
5 – 7/16 hookless taps
5- sap sacks
5- sap sack holders
1-Sap hydrometer
1 – Hydrometer cup
1 – Candy thermometer
1 – Syrup Filter Sheet
1 – cheesecloth filter sheet
1-syrup hydrometer
WMSPA has recently hired a Maple Marketing Intern which has replaced the Wisconsin Maple Queen Program. If your school is interested in having our intern provide an educational presentation or help with tapping, please contact Theresa Baroun. The director and executive members of WMSPA are also willing to visit classrooms and present information about a Making Maple Syrup. Of course, the best way to learn is to visit an operating sugar bush and then try it yourself. Contact the WMSPA to see if there is a sugar bush in your area that is available for tours.
We hope you enjoy these materials,
Theresa Baroun, WMSPA Executive Director
(920) 680-9320 or